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Name Date Location
Введение в технологию блокчейн March 24, 2018 Moscow, Russia
CX Financial Services Exchange Asia March 25 - 27, 2018 The Slate, Thailand
Ukrainian Blockchain Day March 25, 2018 Kiev, Ukraine
Future Digital Finance March 26 - 27, 2018 Amelia Island, Fl, USA
KNOW Identity 2018 March 26 - 28, 2018 Washington, D.C. USA
North American Digital Commodities Summit March 26, 2018 New York, USA
КОНГРЕСС БЛОКЧЕЙНРФ-2018 March 27 - 28, 2018 Moscow, Russia

ICO Rating

ICO name Team & AB PD & MR idea Marketing PFI AV rating Start ICO End ICO
Our rating: 43
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 1000000 USD
Category: Platform,
Core team: Jay Singh, Elliot Soren, Yura Monchak
Site: https://clearcoin.co

ClearCoin is a company that powers the real-time buying and selling of advertising on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment.

18 10 5 12 0.96 18.11.2017 31.03.2018
Our rating: 77
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 2,000,000 USDT
Restrictions: USA
Category: Casino & Gambling, Entertainment, Platform Smart Contract,
Core team: Dmitry Danilov, Dmitry Shchuvatov, Denis Snitserev
Site: https://ico.truegame.io

The first ICO with a fully working smart contract based iGaming project.

21 32 5 13 1.09 05.03.2018 15.04.2018
Our rating: 56
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 1 300 000 USD
Category: Business Services, Cryptocurrency, Health Investment,
Core team: Ilya Tsigvintsev, Alexander Basov, Alexey Kovnerchuk
Site: https://www.agrotechfarm.io

Smart kitchen appliances for growing cannabis and more

17 21 6 9 1.05 09.03.2018 10.04.2018
Our rating: 73
Platform: Blockchain  |  Core team: Yuri Morozov, Oleg Pravdin, Sergei Ivanov
Site: http://bubbletone.io

Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom is the first decentralized telecom ecosystem that allows mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to interact directly. We directly connect mobile network operators and end users globally on our blockchain-based marketplace.

31 34 10 15 0.81 20.03.2018 20.05.2018
Our rating: 62
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 675,000 USD
Restrictions: USA, Belize
Category: Big Data, Business Services, Platform Smart Contract,
Core team: Mikhail Krzhanovsky, Igor Salikov, Alexander Suvorov
Site: https://www.stopthefakes.io/

User-friendly and affordable Blockchain service for everyone to track and record cases of illegal use of their intellectual property

23 29 6 12 0.89 21.03.2018 21.04.2018

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