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Our rating: 40
Platform: Ethereum  |  Category: Investment, Platform,
Core team: Oleg Sharpatiy, Andrey Granovskiy, Michael Korneev
Site: http://tokensale.w12.io/

W12 is a new generation platform for a secure ICO in which investors gain fullcontrol over the funds raised by projects. Here, projects can attract financingwithout any costs or special technical expertise.

67 46 40 69 0 0.85 20.05.2018 27.09.2018
Our rating: 34
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 5000000 USD
Category: Big Data, Platform,
Core team: Yan Palmachinsky, Vladislav Utushkin, Mikhail Plyaskin
Site: https://tokensale.endo.im

ENDO is a Protocol that solves the problem of certified information tracking and encrypted data storage. The ENDO ecosystem allows organisations and users to participate in information and service exchange through the EToken

22 59 65 79 0 0.81 20.06.2018 25.08.2018
Our rating: 86
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 2000000 USD
Category: Payment System, Platform,
Core team: Krutesh Shah, Carlo Pascoli, Dev Shah
Site: https://arawtoken.io/

The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

99 90 80 92 0 1.1 01.07.2018 31.08.2018
Our rating: 26
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 5000 ETH
Category: Education, Platform,
Core team: Mr. Alan Bek, Thomas Tan, Dennis Tan
Site: http://ixtus.io/

Our product, Little Detective, an interactive edutainment platform, which takes current multimedia education formats a step further.

26 28 65 40 0 0.86 16.07.2018 02.09.2018
Our rating: 42
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 4000000 USD
Category: Platform, Retail, Social
Core team: Vincent Lim, Michael (Chee Keong) Chua, Benny Phang
Site: https://tokensale.fanfare.global/

Fanfare is purpose-built from ground up to enable Social Commerce. Its building blocks are conceived and created specifically with Social Commerce and Shoppable Videos in mind from the start

78 38 45 57 0 0.9 17.08.2018 17.09.2018
Our rating: 42
Platform: Ethereum  |  Category: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Services Cryptocurrency,
Core team: Dimitri Sidorovich, Maxim Kavzunovich, Elena Verbier
Site: https://servadvisor.co/

ServAdvisor is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we consume services by bringing customer experience to a new level due to a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer incentivized review platform.

62 43 65 43 0 0.92 10.09.2018 10.10.2018
Our rating: 44
Platform: Ethereum  |  Category: Business Services, Communication, Cryptocurrency Entertainment,
Core team: Eric-Sébastien Déchaux , Miroslava Ivanova , Nick Todorov
Site: https://vibeo.io

Vibeo is building a new era of Instant Messaging/Social app powered by blockchain. Our MVP is available for download on App Store and Google Play. Vibeo is the most complete and advanced instant messaging app powered by an Ethereum blockchain.

86 49 40 77 0 0.81 18.09.2018 02.10.2018
Platform: Blockchain  |  Soft cap: 30000000 USD
Category: Cryptocurrency, Decentralization, Platform
Core team: Igor Bobrov, Michael Chistyakov, Vitaly Shirokov
Site: https://tkeycoin.com

Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence, opening a new world of opportunities for people and business.

- - - - - - - 01.05.2018 30.11.2018
Platform: Blockchain  |  Soft cap: 2000000 USD
Category: Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform Smart Contract,
Core team: Igor Podymenko, Kirill Levin, Roma Senishin
Site: https://zeon.network/

What problems our foundation will solve? Scaling transaction rates to 100,000 Tx/s (sharding), investments in crypto with minimal risks, cross-chain trading and mass adoption. The cornerstone in ZEON's design is the idea of sharding - dividing the network into smaller shards.

- - - - - - - 08.06.2018 01.10.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 3000 ETH
Category: Business Services, Infrastructure, Platform Real estate,
Core team: Aleksan Oganesyan, Nikita Brudnov, Sergey Solovian
Site: https://goodwork.network/

GOODWORK is an ecosystem for remote teams

- - - - - - - 15.06.2018 15.09.2018
Platform: Blockchain  |  Category: Business Services, Cryptocurrency, Decentralization Platform,
Core team: Oleg Nesterov, Nikolay Shuliakovskiy, Anton Shishkin
Site: https://gcar.pro

GlobalCarService application can help an ordinary car mechanic obtain the much-needed reputation, customers, and grow his own business. It can also help a car owner find a mechanic, who will perform all required works in time. Cryptocurrency and «safe transaction» shall guarantee high quality performance of works and full and timely payment for services.

- - - - - - - 25.06.2018 08.09.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Category: Communication, Cryptocurrency, Infrastructure Other,
Core team: Emanuele Francioni, Fulvio Venturelli, Jeske Eenink
Site: https://dusk.network/

The DUSK Network is a decentralized infrastructure that enables fast, anonymous and secure bi-directional transmission of data among equipotent peers, paid for by a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency: DUSK.

- - - - - - - 01.08.2018 30.09.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 5000 ETH
Category: Big Data, Internet, Media Platform,
Core team: Len Burgess, Rob Glew, Ignatius Uirab
Site: https://tokens.miboodle.com/

miBoodle is a decentralised application enabling consumers all over the world to build a sustainable online income using tried and tested digital method. miBoodle combines multiple advertiser assets into a consumer centric platform where members are in control of the information being shared inside and outside of the application provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to increase the performance of all advertiser campaigns. Using proprietary algorithms and scoring techniques we have created a true multi-layer propensity scoring system utilising all data to enhance, enrich and increase the performance of all marketing campaigns within miBoodle that is hashed to the Ethereum blockchain, which increase all miBoodle member earnings. Using gamification and variable rewards techniques to increase miBoodle members earnings utilising MIBO tokens to increase earnings and commissions by moving up the miBoodle tiers

- - - - - - - 22.08.2018 22.10.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 3000000 USD
Category: Art, Entertainment, Investment Media,
Core team: Vadim Kurochkin, Vladimir Avdeev, Anastasia Liberman
Site: https://soundeon.com

Soundeon – Blockchain music platform that changes everything

- - - - - - - 16.09.2018 15.10.2018
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