PundiX POS Makes Crypto Transactions Much Simpler

PundiX POS Makes Crypto Transactions Much Simpler

Crypto payments are becoming widespread among general public

Several thousand individuals visited the event organized by CoinDesk and TechXLR8 Asia. The main agenda of the meeting was growing demand for crypto across the globe and the development of the blockchain market. There have been many discussions about holding coins for speculation purposes. PundiX stated there should be a shift from profit making to actual use. For example, some experts told about the use of crypto in restaurants. Some gadgets will allow consumers to make payments using cryptocurrencies. These discussions about mass adoption are a step in the right direction.

PundiX pointed out it will ship several thousandpoint of sale devices (POS) to department stores in Asia and Europe. The company has received more than a hundred orders from different countries.

In order to enhance daily use of crypto, POS enables a bi-direction transaction through specified API, Xplugin that connects to blockchain which has numerous applications for those purposes. Once connected, users can link up with their digital wallets and issue smart contract requests. Therefore, they can carry out single or multiple cryptocurrency transactions more quickly.

PundiXmixes inventory management and exchange operations. To make crypto payments simpler, PundiX POS employs some reader capabilities and encryption. The gadget is compatible with Android. In addition to that, PundiX is has a camera to take photos in case of KYC demands.


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