Andrey Voronkov | Biography

Voronkov Ventures Ltd. works in several fields. It is first and foremost a consulting company, that provides due diligence for companies working on emerging technologies. We also provide services and consulting on high-technology companies investors relations, headhunting for the unique specialists, early-stages teams formations. Moreover, the company develops several of its own projects in different fields.

Dr. Andrey E. Voronkov is the founder of Voronkov Ventures, which was founded out of his interest in the international high-technology business. Voronkov Ventures is an ecosystem for the acceleration of high-technology startups, starting from the idea/pre-seed stage. The goal is to find the best teams with the most promising technologies, and investors who are interested in them. Our motto is to “Bringing together Energy and Information,” which means bringing together money/resources and talented people with unique knowledge. On our website, design energy is symbolized by the sun; the moon symbolizes information, as it is represented in many cultures; while our planet is a symbol of the efficient integration of these resources into life and civilization.

Dr. Voronkov has a strong scientific background in medicinal chemistry, high-performance computing, and machine learning. In 2009 he received got his PhD from the Department of Chemistry at the Moscow State University for his work on the use of high-throughput computing and machine learning in the development of an anti-cancer drug.

After graduating from the Moscow State University, Dr. Voronkov accepted a position at the University of Oslo, Norway, working on anti-cancer drug development for cancer stem cells using bioinformatic and chemoinformatic data integration. This work has resulted in international patents and publications in high-ranked, peer-reviewed scientific journals.

In 2010, Dr. Voronkov started Digital BioPharm Ltd., a drug discovery company working in the field of pre-clinical drug discovery and related fields such as patenting, commercialization, project expertise, and due diligence. Digital BioPharm works in collaboration with the DrugDiscovery@home project, which uses distributed computing for in silico drug discovery.

In 2016 and 2017, Dr. Voronkov participated as an architector and visionary for scientific and technical part in the SONM project (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining). Dr. Voronkov has performed an early exit from the project in April 2017 after technological roadmap was planned, an efficient team for future development was formed and sold his share to the other two co-founders - Aleksei Antonov and Sergey Ponomarev. By June 2017, the SONM project has got a tremendous support from public and become one of the biggest crowdsales in Russia and the world. Further interest in the field of tokenized crowdsales is related to proper DAO development and efficient investor protection by giving investors full control of the DAOs that they have funded.

In 2017, Dr. Voronkov founded Voronkov Ventures. That same year, he also took part in the development of a bill concerning the regulation of decentralized virtual property in the Russian Federation. This bill is currently under consideration in the Russian Federation’s State Duma.

Dr. Voronkov has a huge interest in new technologies, especially in the fields of IT, biomedicine, space, and new materials. He looks for innovations around the world that are worth investing in. His main principle in the creation of his team is professionalism and the ability to deliver promised goods and services. No judgement is based on religion, politics, nationality, etc. Dedication of a team is very important for startup progress.

Andrey’s public and social views include the “forum shopping” approach, community fragmentation, state decentralization, and the facilitation of new state creation. This includes the support of Liberland and other non-recognized states as well as different high-technology, self-sufficient communities.

PUBLICATIONS: List of scientific publications of Dr.Voronkov can be found here:

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