Skychain to fight healthcare mistakes

Skychain to fight healthcare mistakes

Skychain is a project aimed to help doctors and patients to have a correct diagnosis, using Blockchain

Skychain Global is the company who  wants to advance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The company presented its Skychain project, which aims to use Blockchain to train and use AI systems in medical care.

The company do concerned that, even nowadays, doctors still make mistakes in medical diagnosis. According to statistics, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US after old age and oncology. Developers believe that innovative artificial intelligence technology can help to detect more diagnoses than even the best doctors.

The first test of Skychain project was successfully conducted in Russia.

Skychain’s developers desire to “provide an opportunity to engineer, teach and host neural networks and provide paid access for independent specialists and organizations.” By using smart contracts, they hope to unite many individual parties (healthcare big data providers, independent AI developers, crypto miners and the consumers– doctors and patients) to create one effective solution.

Skychain works like the  Uber taxi service: ANN developers are the drivers, doctors and patients are the passengers, and the computer and servers of miners are the cars.

The founder of Skychain is Genendy Popov has over 10th year programming experience, and Chief Technology Officer, Ivan Svistunov, is experienced in blockchain technology.

In the white paper they states their aim is to  take control over 70% of medical AI market. AI will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs and treatments based on billion case histories, independently detect new diseases, develop the most effective treatments for a certain person, and even may develop new drugs and approaches. The Skychain project can make this reality, combining everything into a single ecosystem that offers a huge set of medical data available for neural networks training.

The ICO of the project started on February 26 and continues until March 31. The starting price of 1 SCH is 1$. It will be available 30 mln tokens for purchase.


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