New mining-hotel opens in Solnechnogorsk

New mining-hotel opens in Solnechnogorsk

The new mining data center Sunmining is opening in Moscow’s Solnechnogorsk.

As you know, for production of digital currency, you have to buy a mining farm or perform clouding mining.

If you want to have a powerful crypto-farm in your apartment you should know that power consumption will be increased awfully, the air in your flat will be hot and your farm’s noise will keep your neighbors awake at night, to say nothing of you and your family.  The crypto-farm may also cause the electricity meter to burn out, and even worse, cause a fire. If there are two mining-farms in the house... So what else should we add.

To help personal mining, a group of investors decided to build a Sunmining data center in Solnechnogorsk in 2017.

Sunmining is a hotel for cryptocurrency mining, its size exceeds 2,000 sq.m. The hotel will provide rental services for personal crypto-farms, as well as 24-hour support for the mining equipment. This is the first data center in Russia for mining with cooling system by "cold/warm" corridor type.

The hotel has powerful wiring with a total capacity of 16 megawatts, and good internet connection with 2 independent internet channels. The data center has twenty-four-hour security, and modern video surveillance system and motion sensors around the territory. Sunmining provides tariffs for both beginners and experienced players.

The data center will employ as financial as IT-consultants, who can provide support for assembling and working with crypto-farm.

The project is planned to start in mid-March 2018.


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