The major cryptocurrencies fell down in the last 24 hours

The major cryptocurrencies fell down in the last 24 hours

Six largest cryptocurrencies have lost value on Monday, 29 of January. Bitcoin and Ethereum were down 4.6%, Ripple’s XRP was down 6.3%. This information was published by Markets Insider.

It happend after cyberattack against cryptocurrency exchange of Japan last week. As a result Japanese cryptocurrency exchange lost $400 million.

On Monday Bitcoin down 4.6% to $11,297, nevertheless it still makes up 33% of the entire digital currency market cap.

Ethereum also was down 4.6% to $1,184 and Ripple’s XRP token, the third largest cryptocurrency, was down 6.3% to $1.30 per token.

Smaller cryptocoins after the hacker's cyberattacks had also taken a hit. For example Bitcoin cash was down 4.3% to $1,677, meanwhile the Chinese Ethereum spinoff was up 3.1% to $157. Now this cryptocurrency has a market cap of $10.57 billion.

Deutsche Bank’s head of wealth management Markus Mueller warned crypto investors about the threat of the total loss their money.

"It’s only for investors who invest speculatively," said Mueller in an interview with Bloomberg TV. "There is a realistic risk of total loss."

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