Great crypto-theft in Iceland

Great crypto-theft in Iceland

In Iceland were stolen 600 computers for bitcoin mining. Police is carrying out the investigation called "Big Bitcoin Heist."

During December and January in Iceland 600 computers for bitcoin mining were stolen, reports The Associated Press a few days ago.

This theft led to wave of arrests within the ongoing investigation.

In connection with the investigation, 11 people were arrested, including a security officer. The investigation was called "Big Bitcoin Heist." The two arrested men remain in custody pending trial.

The total cost of stolen computers is about 2 million dollars.

Due to Icelandian cold climate, cheap power and fast Internet, the country already has a huge number of mining companies. Recently, politicians are working on the taxation Icelandic mining operations.

The police monitor the consumption of electricity throughout the country, considering that the unusually high energy usage can point to an illegal bitcoin mining.

The authorities of the country called on local Internet providers, electricians and storage space units to report any unusual requests for electricity.

Police commissioner Olafur Kjartannson from the southwestern Reykjanes region where two thefts happened, said that "everything points to this being a highly organized crime."


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