Financial Times Emphasizes that Cryptocurrency is One ‘Biggest Changes’ in Financial Markets of the

Financial Times Emphasizes that Cryptocurrency is One ‘Biggest Changes’ in Financial Markets of the

Two sections of the Financial Times’ Special Report are dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry and potential future of new markets

On October 1, 2018, the Financial Times (FT) has issued a Special Report under a headline “Exchanges, Trading and Clearing”. This document is dedicated to global financial markets, and its two out of six sections are devoted to the world of digital currencies.

FT tells that cryptocurrency and new markets associated can be considered as “some of the biggest changes” in financial world over the past decade.

There are two crypto-focused articles in the report. The first is entitled “Crypto exchanges must face up to responsibilities as they mature.” It gives a survey of crypto industry in comparison with traditional markets, mentioning major specifics of the industry, such as regulation and providing various opinions of traditional market experts, as well as their opponents in crypto.

The second crypto article that highlights crypto issues stresses that proprietary traders are usually “the highest-volume participants” on the markets. The authors conclude that volatility of crypto is actually a “good thing” for those traders. Rob Sagurton – director of digital asset direct trading at Jump Trading – has reported that the company is involved in trading of about 10-15 “most liquid main cryptocurrencies,” as well as working with futures markets.

Several days earlier, Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta, expressed an opinion that cryptocurrencies are the “inevitable future of money,” and that blockchain can stimulate development of a more transparent and rightful society.


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