Cryptomatoes: Cryptomining and Agriculture

Cryptomatoes: Cryptomining and Agriculture

The co-founder of trading platform Nakamoto X showed a photo of tomatoes being grown using heat from cryptomining.

People, who are involved with cryptomining, know that this process requires a huge amount of energy. Also crypto-farms generate a huge amount of heat during operation, which is also a problem. But recently, crypto-miners have searched a way to direct generated excess heat that benefit humanity.

Nakamoto X' co-founder, Kamil Brejcha, published a photo of tomatoes in greenhouse, being grown with the excess heat from cryptocurrency farms, in his Twitter.

“Who would imagine that mining cryptocurrencies and agriculture can work together?” he twitted.

It's also worth noting that many crypto-enthusiasts use this overheat from mining farms to heat their houses and offer more innovative solutions.

Brejcha says "cryptomatoes" is real phenomenon, as his team has developed a system to blow the heat from miners into greenhouse. This system is called "Container", it is placed in cellar. And the first batch of cruptomatoes will be harvested soon. Nakamoto X’ co-founder said that these tomatoes will be able to buy in ordinary shops.

Area of greenhouses is about 5 acres.

When Brejcha was asked why he didn't grow cannabis, he answered that they couldn't obtain a license over the strict local rules.

This greenhouse is placed in the Czech Republic.

He also added:

"We are also producing our own energy — The mining operations are powered by 100% bio-waste produced energy — So basically we have closed the energy cycle loop."


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