Bitcoin vs. gamers. New NVIDIA GPU for cryptomining

Bitcoin vs. gamers. New NVIDIA GPU for cryptomining

NVIDIA is going to release a new GPU, named Turing, for use in cryptocurrency accelerators.

It is rumored that NVIDIA is going to release a new version of graphics chips, specially developed for cryptocurrency mining.

Not so long ago the firm has complained that it cannot serve its main customers in game markets, because so many people buy graphics processors for Bitcoin mining, etc.

If the rumors are true, the new graphics cards for game market, codenamed “Turing,” will be released specifically for this task.

According to DigitalTrends’ report, this marketing decision is powered by NVIDIA decision to divide the products for gamers and miners. Ampere is expected to be a solution for gamers, Turing — for miners. Meanwhile, both series will be based on a Volta architecture.

The reliable information will be available only after GTC (GPU Technology Conference) conference, beginning on March 26, 2018, where NVIDIA will possibly present the first product based on Turing.

The Turing code name arise from the last week's Reuters’ article reported on the results of the NVIDIA conference with analysts and the press. The article focuses on struggle of NVIDIA to keep GPUs on game markets, as cryptocurrency miners are raising up prices due to depletion of supplies. According to Colette Kress, NVIDIA's chief financial officer, gaming graphics processors are at a historical low.

The Turing code name comes from Alan Turing, an English computer scientist, mathematician and cryptanalyst. Using his name for the GPU class for cryptocurrency have a sense, because he had worked on cryptography. He helped crack coded messages sent by the Nazis, contributing to the Allies winning World War II.

However, there is also an assumption that NVIDIA completely replaced the Ampere code name, as it is used by an ARM-based server maker of the same name.


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