CoinLion is the industry solution for managing the complex jungle of trading digital assets. We believe trading digital currency should be a rewarding process.


ICO Time:
18.12.2017 - 25.02.2018
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Joshua W. Dewitt
- CEO • Co-Founder
Caleb J. Veldhouse
- COO • Co-Founder
Justus Luthy
- CTO • Co-Founder
Zach Neugebauer
Nathan Pitz
Kia Adams
- Creative Director
James Livermont
- Senior Software Developer
Erin Zimmerman
- Director of Customer Service
Ian Dixon
- Growth Hacker


Jeffrey Hayzlett
- Advisor
Andrew S. Wilka
- Cyber Law Advisor


The CoinLion Platform gives users the tools they need to make expert trading decisions. The platform also give users the power to learn, grow and build by sharing portfolios, strategies, and research. A native token, LION, gives users the potential to earn by providing value to the community and the CoinLion Platform, in turn creating an ecosystem where users can earn and spend while trading and managing digital assets.

CoinLion is building the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform with buity-in portfolio management, publishing and promotional toolset, dual blockchain order book system, and token generation capabilities.

Using the ERC20 smart contract powered by Ethereum, CoinLion will introduce a token, LION, that interacts with the platform using smart contracts. Users can spend and earn LION in many ways, including creating and sharing portfolios, strategies, research and content relating to t he management of cryptocurrencies.

LION has many uses within the platform, allowing any user to spend and earn LION in a variety of ways. This includes earning LION from the CoinLion Platform itself. LION can be earned by  creating and sharing portfolios, research, and strategies with other users, submitting research CoinLion publishes within the platform, becoming a top performer within the CoinLion Platform, and allowing advertisers to access your public profile and more.

Spend LION to follow and duplicate users’ portfolios  create and publish multiple portfolios and access advanced features within the portfolio management tool access premium features within a world class research and analytics library promote your portfolios on CoinLion’s featured portfolio list  trade for free within the LION market, and  access discounts on ICOs featured on the platform.

CoinLion aims to simplify and enhance the user experience when managing digital assets. CoinLion is building an environment where users are empowered to create and share portfolios, strategies, research, and more.

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