ICO Scoring

ICO Scoring

ICO Scoring

ICO Scoring is a platform of ICO projects estimation supported by investors and financial experts.


The ICOscoring platform is founded by the team that has a wide experience of work in direct and venture investments and also the blockchain infrastructure investment analysis.

We are convinced that the blockchain economy has to be the most transparent for all its participants and we set for ourselves the target to simplify the selection procedure of the projects attractive for the investment which are carrying out ICO by presenting analytics on the basis of Big Data and classical approaches used in the venture industry.

The estimates provided consider the main risks and uncertainty of each project which allows to increase safety of your investments into ICO.

The analysis methodology is based on the approaches used in the analysis of the projects attractive for venture financing. Its basis was formed by works of recognized authorities of the venture ecosystem - Josh Lerner and Stephen Kaplan - and also our own experience of work in the venture industry, taking into account ICO specifics.





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