Foxico is the most complete listing of projects that conduct ICO with the most trustworthy ICOs ratings from blockchain experts and investors. Foxico provides an in-depth project analysis helping you to make quick decision about investing!


Foxico Fund

We have two options now:

  • become Investor of Foxico Fund (min. deposit 50 ETH)
  • become a Member of Foxico Syndicate (min. deposit 1 ETH)

What projects Foxico Fund invest in?
In general there are about 300 new ICO in a month. We choose about 10 of them to invest. We also get special conditions on investment for our Fund. We can invest at Pre-ICO round or get a huge bonus at ICO round.

How do we choose projects?
They are mostly infrastructure projects like EOS or some projects with working MVP and simple monetization like Monetha.
We make in-depth analysis of project:

  • problem
  • solution
  • team
  • product/technologies
  • competitors
  • market
  • marketing channels
  • monetisation
  • token model
  • ICO model

To become an Investor of Foxico Fund you should make a deposit (min. 50 ETH).

You can become an Investor of Fund at any moment. 10% of funds go to Fund reservation to manage team, office etc.. We invest in different projects and manage a portfolio. You get monthly report about your investment. You can make an exit at any moment. When you exit as an Investor, Foxico Fund gets 10% management fee.
We change portfolio weekly, depending on current market situation, news and other signals. Fund doesn't trade on a small distance such as day/hour/minute etc.. Enter or exit Fund is available at any moment regardless the Fund start date.

If you want to be a Member of Foxico Syndicate you should make a deposit (min. 1 ETH)

We invest Syndicate funds together with Foxico Fund. As soon as we get tokens with bonus you get tokens to your wallet and we get our comission:

15% - if you deposit 1 - 5 ETH

13% - if you deposit 5 - 10 ETH

12% - if you deposit 10 - 50 ETH





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