Crypto Canucks

Crypto Canucks

Crypto Canucks is a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology resource hub. From initial coin offerings to cryptocurrency events, we are rapidly becoming the go to resource for learning about the digital currency and blockchain industries.


CryptoCanucks are a group of friends who got introduced to the Cryptocurrency world in 2015 and have been keeping track ever since. We thought instead of spending our days brainstorming great ideas between each other, we should research and analyze what we’re most passionate about. Our experience stems from and has been developed in both business and technology. We come from diverse backgrounds with experience in finance, forex, software development and digital marketing. This provides us with the ideal combination of backgrounds and skills required to deliver valuable information to cryptocurrency community and enthusiasts.

We identified several gaps between the cryptocurrency community and the information available to the public. The reason for these gaps are:

Cryptocurrency market and its related technology, blockchain, are highly dynamic – new developments and advancements occur every day and we want to keep our community on top of these developments. 

Multiple unverified sources for information, trading and investing platforms – we strive to provide credible content and insightful data-driven analysis.

Following the past, present and future developments of various cryptocurrencies and the issuance of new cryptocurrencies has been our focus. At CryptoCanucks we strive to bridge this information gap and become the go-to resource for cryptocurrency related news and insights and analysis for our fellow Canucks.





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