Nick Szabo called the most significant trends in cryptocurrency development

Nick Szabo called the most significant trends in cryptocurrency development

A famous scientist in the sphere of cryptography and informatics expressed his opinion about aspects of cryptocurrency development. He disclosed his thoughts to Twitter readers.

Nick Szabo, a famous cryptographer and pioneer in smart contracts area clarified his view concerning trends of digital money improvement in the nearest future.

As he said, cryptocurrency most important areas for improvement over the next few years are the following:

-More secure storage (key management)

-Trust-minimized (decentralized) exchanges

-Make 2nd layers more user-friendly, especially via automated routing, while not overly sacrificing trust minimization

He also added that, according to his point of view, within secure storage and management of keys, they should be kept during the total life cycle of a person. They can also be inherited and run the gamut of institutional appliances and international journeys.

Szabo also notes the second level of cryptocurrencies blockchain and necessity to make it users-friendly. The brightest example of it is Lightning Network, With its help it is possible to make  momentary BTC transactions. But the usage of Lightning Network requires technological awareness and knowledge which creates problems for potential clients.

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