Microsoft Registers Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Agriculture in Brazil

Microsoft Registers Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Agriculture in Brazil

Applications are claimed to improve efficiency in the agriculture sector

On June 6, 2019, Microsoft company has registered a suite of applications in Brazil that are designed to improve efficiency in the agriculture sector, according to an exclusive report given by Cointelegraph Brazil.

The technology dubbed FarmBeats uses blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, drones and big data to increase productivity. It has already been tried on farms in the USA, India, New Zealand and Kenya, giving a 30% reduction in water consumption.

Ranveer Chandra, the creator of FarmBeats, has recently said that the agriculture industry had been left behind by the benefits big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain can bring and stated that even hunting had undergone more digital transformation though it a smaller industry. He told business and economy magazine Epoca Negocios:

“Brazil is one of the first countries that comes to mind when we think of agriculture. We developed FarmBeats so that its technology could be applied here and in other developing countries.”

The technology is regarded as very important as farmers struggle to earn some money while competing with a changing climate and growing demand for produce, Epoca Negocios writes. R. Chandra states that production needs to increase by 70% in the next 30 years to meet global food requirements.

The scientist has appealed to the Brazil’s government to embrace the technology and grant it in a similar way to farming equipment and fertilizer. Besides helping farmers use resources more effectively, FarmBeats suppose it can enhance accuracy and yield by delivering vital statistics about moisture, temperature and nutrients in the soil.

Author: Helen Darkhouse

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