KOLIONOVO: local economy based on blockchain

KOLIONOVO: local economy based on blockchain

Russian farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov created a local economy based on blockchain platform.

Russian farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov created a model of the local economy and raising funds for development agricultural goods and services production.

It is based in Kolionovo village in Moscow region. This local economy is based on  blockchain platform. The goods are sold and purchased for cryptocurrency, Kolion (KLN).

Shlyapnikov says the demand for Kolion is growing. Many people are involved in the process. The farmer said that "in Kolionovo the retail price of goods fell by half, it was worth to exclude the state as a intermediary." Last year he sold Christmas trees in 2017 for cryptos.

According to the source in February 2018 ICO of farm "Kolionovo" raised more than $5 million. Kolion holders receive an analogue of dividends every month. Last year Shlyapnikov introduced a system of voluntary taxation, which consists of analogues of "municipal", "regional" and "federal" taxes."

Mikhail Shlyapnikov consider that such blockchain-based model “leads to the development of the economy of the country in general, increase in its GDP, increase in employment, creation of new jobs, raising living standards and social self-sufficiency, and partial withdrawal of a number of processes from the "gray" economy.”

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