Jamaica Stock Exchange and Canadian Fintech Firm Announced Collaboration on Tokens Trading

Jamaica Stock Exchange and Canadian Fintech Firm Announced Collaboration on Tokens Trading

The companies implement service to enable clients to invest in digital currencies and tokens through traditional financial institutions

On August 14, 2018, the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and Blockstation – fintech company from Canada – announced collaboration to provide investors opportunity to buy and sell digital currencies within an acknowledged and secure normative base.

JSE chose Blockstation as the most suitable online trading system to enable its dealers and investing clients to invest in digital assets. According to an agreement between JSE and Blockstation, JSE will bring into effect online trading platform for cryptocurrencies and tokens. That platform will meet all current regulatory standards and will provide a range of benefits such as trading, quotes, execution and settlement services.

By now, Blockstation successfully completed beta tests in Jamaica with participating institutions, and an and initial group together with representatives from local regulators finished a live workshop well.

Marlene Street Forrest, Managing Director of the JSE, said:

“We are excited to implement this service with our clients, satisfying considerable investor interest in digital assets. We are also proud to be at the forefront of bringing innovation to capital markets.”

Kirk Brown, a broker member of the JSE, emphasized that “it is very important for investors to be able to invest in digital assets through their traditional financial institutions”. He also stressed that “it’s exciting to be at the cutting edge where digital currency demand meets safe reliable access”.




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