The dissonance happened in Sierra Leone’s presidential elections

The dissonance happened in Sierra Leone’s presidential elections

Blockchain technology was not used in election of Sierra Leone's president.

On March 7, 2018 it was conducted the election of Sierra Leone's president. Earlier, it was announced that for registering and counting votes, blockchain technology will be used. But National Election Commission (NEC) reported that this election was conducted using traditional technologies.

Curiously, soon after the elections, media reported the first blockchain-powered election, conducted in Sierra Leone. According to it, Agora company has registered and checked the votes using blockchain technology. Indeed, Swiss-based Agora reported in its blog post named “Swiss-based Agora powers world’s first ever blockchain elections in Sierra Leone”, that the distributed ledger technology, being developed by the company, helped to save money and provide anonymous voting during elections in the West African country.

It turned out that the technology, developed by Agora, was not implemented at all polling stations, and even then it was unofficial. In addition, the results, calculated with the help of blockchain technology, were not correct.

After this incident, NEC made an official statement that during elections traditional technologies were used:

“The National Electoral Commission uses an in-house database to tally election results. This database was originally developed for elections held in 2012. It was then expanded and updated, prior to the 2018 elections. The database was developed in C++ and runs on MS SQL — neither of which are open source applications. And it does not use Blockchain in any way.”


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