Blockchain alliance is planning to track jewelries

Blockchain alliance is planning to track jewelries

Blockchain alliance TrustChain monitors the way of jewelries from mine to shop-window. It units suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

The main target of this unity is to guarantee consumers the origin of  precious stones. Since this year, with the help of smartphone can positively identify the background of stones. These are mainly jewels which are sold in more than 200 Helzberg Diamonds stores.

Due to TrustChain alliance, technical company IBM, retailer Helzberg, as well as mining enterprisers and processing companies Asahi Refining and LeachGarner will be able to track and control the movement of stones and metals on chain of supplies. The history of stones will be recorded in blockchain developed by IBM.

As it follows from words of Jason Kelley, a manager of blockchain services department of IBM, a lot of companies will get a chance to define the whole history of creating jewelries, as a result. The assurance in origin and value is very important thing for clients. They also can be assure that the jewelry has no connection with criminal or unethical practices.  It is a significant thing for this industry which needs trust of clients.

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