Apple & Cryptocurrency: Apple implemented Interledger Protocol from Ripple

Apple & Cryptocurrency: Apple implemented Interledger Protocol from Ripple

Apple introduces Interledger API for Apple Pay payment system with the Interledger extension from Ripple. The new system will allow to use cryptocurrencies in Apple Pay.

Apple has introduced the Payment Request API technology for the Apple Pay payment system. It includes the Interledger extension from Ripple. It will be introduced for Safari 11.1 web browser on macOS and Safari on iOS 11.3.

A new protocol from Ripple, the company who created XRP cryptocurrency, will allow to transfer funds across multiple ledgers. Interledger will allow to pay for goods and services with different cryptocurrencies.

Until the present day, such technology giants like Apple, were far from cryptocurrency world. However, soon such companies will possibly change their policy on digital currency.

Ripple’s CTO Stefan Thomas explained in 2016 all benefits of Interledger Ripple: "You are not exposed to any risk from either the connectors, which are the systems that connect ledgers, or any of the other ledgers. The way that we do that is by using escrow at each hop of the payment."

He added: "So for instance, if you are on Bitcoin you would be putting money in escrow and then you get proof that the ultimate recipient has received your money. That is basically proof that the recipient has to provide, then the money is released to whichever connector that you chose."


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