Wemark is the blockchain-based marketplace for digital content, starting with photos


ICO Time:
07.05.2018 - 21.06.2018
Soft Cap:
1500000 USD
Hard Cap:
8000000 USD
Social networks:


Tai Kaish
- CEO & Co-founder
Pavel Elkind
- CTO & Co-founder
Roy Meirom
- VP Business Development & Co-founder
Tomer Gabbai
- Frontend Lead
Barak Simon
- Backend Lead
Ohad Peled
- UX/UI Lead
Shenhav Yehuda
- Marketing Director
Adam Wolski
- Full Stack Developer
Or Twig
- Crypto Marketing Specialist
Catherine Xu
- Marketing Intern


Dr. Dov Greenbaum
- Director @The Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies
Dr. Raphael Yahalom
- Blockchain & Cyber-security researcher @MIT
Ran Oz
- Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Wochit, 2 Exist, 2 IPO's
Gilon Miller
- Co-Founder & CEO @GuruShots
Lior Prosor
- Managing partner @ Elevator Fund, Investor in fast-growing Israeli Startups
Gigi Levy
- Most active angel investor in Israel. Serial entrepreneur & Investor. Former CEO @888
James Currier
- Serial Entrepreneur & Investor, World expert in network effects and growth
Keren Sachs
- Former Director of Content Development @Shutterstock
Lars Perkins
- Former CEO & Founder @Picasa, Director @Google
Lee Torrens
- Marketplace Director @ Canva
Michael C. Lesser
- Former General Counsel / VP @ Shutterstock
Amir Feder
- Token Economy Advisor, Northwestern University
Yan Pritzker
- Former CTO @ Reverb, Founder @ Onchain Ventures
Philippe Bouaziz
- Founder @ Prodware, Chairman @ Sarona Ventures
Ari Shpanya
- 4x Founder @ Wiser, Zent, Slice, imOnline


Wemark’s Immutable distribution agreements allow content creators to collaborate with marketplaces in a way that works for both parties. Each agreement includes a price range for licensing the content, the terms of the license to be issued to users, the distribution fee to be paid to the platform, and the percentage of each sale to be paid for referrals. Once electronically signed, the contract and its terms will be deployed on the blockchain. The blockchain ledger is publicly-owned, immutable and secure. Once deployed, neither party can change, delete or deny the terms of the agreement. The only way to change the terms of the agreement is by getting the consent of all the relevant parties. Unlike traditional agreements, smart distribution agreements enforce themselves. Smart agreements (powered by Ethereum smart contracts) can receive payments, issue licenses and automatically distribute revenue.

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89 Team & AB
53 PD & MR
60 Idea
56 Marketing
0 IS
0.72 PFI

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