First on the territory of the Russian Federation decentralized crowdinvesting project in the field of agricultural activities, developed on Blockchain Ethereum and Smart Contracts.


ICO Time:
11.05.2018 - 11.07.2018
Soft Cap:
15000 ETH
Hard Cap:
20000 ETH
Social networks:


Denis Andaryanov
- Founder&CEO
Denis Fokin
- CEO&Founder
Vladimir Valeyev
- Engineer-technologist
Artemy Ostanin
Elizabeth Ustyuzhanina
- Accountant&Economist
Irina Andrianova
- Content Manager


Construction of grVEZET is a group of organizations that have established themselves as responsible and reliable partners that fulfill all their obligations. The main direction of our work is the supply of agricultural enterprises. Livestock is a huge branch of agriculture, engaged in the cultivation of farm animals for the production of livestock products. Like agriculture, livestock farming has allowed for a more stable and predictable livelihood, and thus reduced the time spent looking for food. Now, despite the fact that in modern society we do not use animals as transportation, their role is no less important as one of the sources of food. The number of cows by the end of July 2017 in the Russian Federation alone amounted to 8.33 million heads and this is not taking into account pig production and poultry farming. At the end of 2017, the production of only mixed fodders in Russia amounted to 27.6 million tons, which is almost 7% higher than in 2016. By 2020, according to the forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture, the volume will reach 30.8 million tons, which is connected with the prospects for further growth of the livestock sector.Large-scale investments in agribusiness and the growth of agricultural production have exacerbated the infrastructure problems of the industry: the country does not have enough modern storage facilities. In the grain sector, this leads to serious crop losses, high storage prices and, accordingly, a decrease in profitability of production and seasonal fluctuations in prices in the domestic market. At the moment, one of the most important issues at the agricultural enterprise is the selection of distribution channels in the course of sales. Heads of agricultural enterprises do not concentrate the attention of specialists, on the speed of change in the quality of business demanded by the market, spontaneous corporatism. They do not have the experience of finding buyers, which include large multi-million dollar contracts. Some of the entrepreneurs of crop companies are not able to complete the transaction and seek prompt payment. And at this time, trade organizations try to purchase from them in official ways, and sometimes even stealing, the goods at a lower cost, which also affects the economic efficiency and health of animals and, subsequently, as human consumption products. The more quality the feed, the process of their preparation and storage, the more quality products we get from livestock. Solution from VEZETThe project offers a comprehensive approach by four separate areas for solving problems in the agrarian environment.Task 1. Construction of grain storage (elevator).Task 2. Establishment of a decentralized electronic platform. Task 3. Growing of cereals.Task 4. Elimination of problems with supplies of sunflower meal with 39% protein to DIA.Main data•Token name: VZT•Hard cap: 20,000 ETH•Dates of pre—ICO: May 11 - May 18, 2018•Dates of ICO: May 18 – July 11 2018•Token price: 1 VZT = 0,0004 ETH.•Standard: ERC20.Use of collected funds:•75% — Design and construction of the elevator and infrastructures;•8% — Development of a Decentralized Electronic Site;•6% — Marketing;•5% — Sowing and harvesting of wheat and barley;•4% — Contract for the volumes of oilseed processing and bran;•2% — Force Majeure.The concept of the project is not unique, but it has unique features. The use of blockchain technology in this case does not replace the traditional financial schemes, but complements them. Decentralized electronic platform for interaction of all sides of the agricultural sector, will revolutionize the agricultural sales market. A convenient interface and stable technical support will allow the platform to be used not only by advanced users, but also by simple workers of peasant farming. Mass information to the target audience will allow registering up to 70% of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, which, with a minimal amount of subscriber maintenance, will completely cover all expenses, bringing profit to the DEP. Built-in logistics calculator and provision of services for the transport of goods will make all purchases on one platform. The value of the token relies on an indispensable stable market demand for feed for farm animals. While the construction of the elevator and the development of the DEP will not be completed, the price of the VZT tokens may vary significantly, the dividend yield may be low. In addition, possession of tokens allows you to receive a number of our products at a discount of up to 100%. Feedback is simple and accessible.Official website of the company — www.vezet-agro.ruE-mail: — Support@vezet-agro.ruain storage (elevator).

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