Unibright empowers business process specialists to enable a complete blockchain based business integration lifecycle without having to be a coding expert


ICO Time:
10.04.2018 - 10.05.2018
Soft Cap:
2200000 USD
Hard Cap:
13542375 USD
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Marten Jung
- CEO, Founder, Head of Blockchain Development
Stefan Schmidt
- CTO, Co-Founder, Head of Software Architecture
Ingo Sterzinger
- Lead Engineer Frontend
Thomas Schmidt
- Lead Engineer Data Modelling
Fabian Schlarb
- Lead Engineer Testing
Daniel Benkenstein
- CMO, Head of Marketing
Bastian Emig
- Lead Usecase Specialist


Klaus Tschirschke
- Strategy Advisor, Senior Consultant
Günter Schmidt
- Model Advisor
Patrick Lowry
- Managing partner & CEO
Oleksii Matiiasevych
- Blockchain engineering
Dr. Moritz Leon Gomm
- Start-Up-Advisor, Senior Consultant
Tapio Reisinger
- ERP System Advisor, Senior Consultant
Philipp Schulz
- ICO Advisor / Crypto Consultant


Unibright is the first unified framework for blockchain based business integration.

We define business workflows visually and automatically generate smart contracts for various blockchains, smart adapters to connect to existing IT systems and smart query sets to monitor the ongoing business process.

The Unibright framework is blockchain agnostic, we describe business integration scenarios in a more abstract manner. By supporting the whole lifecycle of a business process we empower business process specialists to use blockchain technology without having to be a specialist in a specific blockchain implementation.

The Unibright process starts with defining workflows based on proven templates. Each template consists of a pre-defined standard workflow, suitable for a specific use case e.g. “Multi-Party-Approval”, “Request for Quotation”, “Milestone Payments”, and many more.

Inside the Unibright Workflow Designer the user picks a template and customizes the given standard workflow to his needs. System boundaries, necessary connections to IT systems and integration of other blockchains can be defined in the workflow as well.

The needed SmartContracts containing the business logic for the designed workflow are then generated automatically. They can be deployed to (and maintained in) a specific blockchain by the Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager.

SmartAdapters for our UnibrightConnector allow the integration of various blockchains and ERP-systems. The corresponding SmartAdapter configurations are also automatically generated out of our workflows.

The ongoing process can be monitored by our Unibright Explorer, showing the state, transaction and information flow of all participating units. These business case specific “SmartQueries” are also automatically generated out of our workflows

Our global view on blockchain and off-chain technologies led us to present Unibright – the first unified framework for blockchain based business integration.

45 Our rating
77 Team & AB
48 PD & MR
40 Idea
76 Marketing
0 IS
0.88 PFI

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