Trendit is a social media platform that pays you in cryptocurrency to make viral content! The more viral your content, the more you earn.


ICO Time:
08.02.2018 - 15.03.2018
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Omer Shukrullah
- Business / Development
Amit Roy
- Technology / Architect
Atique Chowdhury
- Operations / Design
Ajay Basnet
- Media / Communications
Fatin Mufrad
- Finance / Back-End


Ebrahim Bagheri
- Currently building a multi-faceted framework to analyze social media by collectively considering social interactions, temporal behaviour and semantics.
Dimitri Androutsos
- Doctoral graduate from University of Toronto. Expert in Multimedia, Image/Video Processing, and 3D. Winner of several teaching awards including IEEE Toronto Section Service Appreciation Award, and IEEE Proffesor of the Year Awards.


Trendit is a social media platform that will allow users to keep up with the latest social trends, events and challenges. Users of Trendit can express themselves by creating their own viral content. Trendit combines social media interactions with cryptocurrency by allowing users to earn cryptocurrency rewards for interacting with peers in the social space.

Trendit utilizes Trend Tokens and Ethereum for user transactions and reward distribution. Users on the platform will earn rewards based on the quality of their creative content supported by their fellow peers. The more pledges the content gathers, the more cryptocurrency rewards the creator earns.

Trendit will provide users with three primary interaction options. Users will be able to create new viral trends, raise awareness about certain events and challenge other users around the world to change their lifestyles. Trendit will reward users registered on the website with cryptocurrency for content creation. The distributed rewards will be dependent directly on the number of times other users pledge to the created content. The more viral the content becomes the more rewards the creator will earn. Users will also benefit from promoted section where they can promote their ideas, events and undertaken challenges.

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