Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services

With TBIS’ proprietary Company as a Service™ (CaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), every device, from enterprise level on down, can be virtualized; routers, firewalls, and specialized equipment such as cryptocurrency miners, can exist in an entirely cloud-based environment based on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.


ICO Time:
01.01.2018 - 01.03.2018
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Michael Stollaire
- President & CEO
Richard Silver
- COO/Director of Marketing
Christopher Snook
Stuart Siegler
- Ethereum Developer and Enterprise Automation Expert
Nilo Ampunen
- Senior Enterprise Management Specialist
Richard Whitaker
- Senior Enterprise Management Specialist LinkedIn
James Connolly
- Ethereum Developer
Jesse Ure
- Ethereum Developer
Eran Jenkins
- Network Administrator
Daniel Tiech
- Graphic Designer
Jason Brink
- Graphic Designer | Technical Writer
Parvez Ahmed Jalil
- Community Manager
Dariusz Baniel
- Community Manager
Dawid Brzezinski
- Community Manager


Vincent Fullerton
- Technical Advisor (NEM Core Team Member)


The distributed TBIS system will monitor the health of the network and everything attached to it, and execute autonomous “healing” actions when specific weaknesses are detected. With Titanium Hydra Fault Tolerance, if a device falters, TBIS will have already shifted load away and onto another network of redundant nodes. If a potential security problem arises, the TBIS system will work automatically to limit the potential impact of attacks such as DDoS or other address-specific attacks; it is impossible to overwhelm a piece of equipment that exists only on the ether.

Unlike typical infrastructure services, where a company’s technology may exist on up to several hundred devices, the TBIS infrastructure will reside on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, which is composed of over 20,000 nodes, with each node potentially being composed of several hundred discreet systems. Even if several thousand nodes experienced a system failure, there would still be zero outage time, and perhaps, only a performance degradation of the TBIS services being delivered.

TBIS is at the forefront of the utilization of Blockchain technology across personal and enterprise networking systems. Read our whitepaper to see how you can take advantage of this new technology today!

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