Share button with blockchain profit


ICO Time:
01.03.2018 - 31.05.2018
Soft Cap:
3000000 USD
Hard Cap:
27000000 USD
Social networks:


Anton Solodikov
Igor Karavaev
Arkady Yasashny
Alexey Stukarchuk
Valery Yushchenko
- Software Engineer
Ilya Afanasiev
- Support Engineer
Levi Yau
- Regional Manager
Mark Vdovskikh
- Marketing Manager
Katerina Molodova
- SMM manager
Olga Rayner
- Community Manager
Daria Dreimanis
- Community Manager
Vadim Shcherbak
- Community Manager


Ken Huang
- Chief Blockchain Scientist, VP at Huawei Technologies
Vincent Mascar
- Blockchain Enthusiast, Developer & Blogger
Simon Choi
- Fintech & ICO Lawyer


There are 1 bln sites in the world and the number is growing by 5-7% annually. However, only 3% of them use share buttons – only 30 mln sites.

With over 3 bln people using social networks, of which 10% are active users, the social network advertising spending is expected to grow up to $50 billion in 2019. The most popular users in social networks, for example, top Instagram in uencers, have been earning money using their popularity through social network advertising.

Sharpay will help all the social active users to monetize their popularity by earning crypto currency.

Sharpay is a unique technological and very simple share button. Sites put the button under any content instead of other old sharing buttons and users get rewards for sharing. The system has fraud protection, bot defense with audience targeting possibility based on CPV (cost per visit) payments.

The innovation of Sharpay — blockchain pro t for sharing with tokens and multisharing — sharing in several networks with one click.This is a unique project, that has simultanioulsy the two possibilities. The technology is protected by the Eurasian international patent priority.

Sharpay — is a new SMM instrument for increasing traf c, conversions, sessions and sales with less spends.

Spreading the Sharpay technology will increase the agregated sharing from 3% to 10% in the world. Sharpay plans to get 50% of that growth that is equal to 35% of international market in general.

Sharpay will quarterly reserve 90% of the proceeds to ensure the redemption of tokens from their holders (investors and users). The program starts according to the results of the 3rd quarter of 2018. The price of the buyback is based on the nominal price of a token at 0.00003 ETH which is approximately equal to $0.01 at the time of the of cial launch of the project in November, 2017.

Sharpay’s tokens are initially released on Ethereum according to the ERC20 standard, are the blockchain is used as a nancial registry. At the next stage of development of Sharpay, we are going to develop and launch an independent decentralized blockchain system (BitShares fork with a POS-basis), followed by the migration of tokens - the blockchain will be used for issuing, distributing tokens between sites and users for social activity, and storing the information.

Starting from the second stage, the pro t from the blockchain will gain not only more users, but also more sites to install Sharpay button.

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95 Team & AB
77 PD & MR
100 Idea
84 Marketing
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0.98 PFI

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