The First Blockchain Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets


ICO Time:
25.01.2018 - 07.03.2018
Soft Cap:
2000000 USD
Hard Cap:
19000000 USD
3,932,873 USD
Singapore, USA USA, Singapore
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Stanislav Vaneev
- Founder
Anton Vasin
- Сo-founder
Denis Kulagin
Vasily Alexeev
Sergey Kozlovsky
- Сo-founder
Sergey Lushkovskiy
- Team leader
Lenur Zamaraev
- Senior developer
Stanislav Pankratov
- Python Developer
Elizaveta Matveeva
- UI/UX Designer
Elena Berestovaya
- Head of Marketing
Ala Mohammed
- Business Analyst
Tian Haowen
- Business Development, China
Jonathan Raharjo
- Technical Support
Herbert Rudy
- Sales Manager
Goutam Das
- Project manager
Yulia Liu
- Sales manager, China
Anastasia Kaneva
- Junior Python developer
Nikita Khabarov
- Junior Python developer


Yagub Rahimov
- CEO/Co-founder of 7marketz Inc. Group
Dawid Kustra
- Vice President and Head of Sales at Solution Partners Company
Salman Anjum
- An early Blockchain adopter and one of the key influencers
Dmitry Rannev
- Director General of AMTS Solutions, a technology provider for brokerages


Millions of traders have the potential to earn on marginal trading with high leverage. Trading in this form allows for high yields, but with corresponding high risks involved. Different assets used for these transactions include currencies, cryptocurrencies, stock, index and commodity CFDs and other instruments. A significant number of traders are not protected from fraud by intermediaries (such as brokers, dealers and even exchanges themselves).
Interestingly, the Foreign Exchange Market which is arguably the largest financial market by volume is the most dubious due to the lack of control and standards. Currently, protecting the trader’s interest in this sphere is difficult.
In summary, traditional regulation of the market is ineffective, outdated, and cannot be relied on to protect investments of retail clients. Nevertheless, blockchain can solve the problem. That is why we created SERENITY.

SERENITY — a blockchain platform that protects the interests of traders and investors. We ensure security of traders' funds by placing them on SERENITY smart contracts. The contract is created and structured to ensure that funds transfer proceed only by the mutual consent of the trader and the broker. If a conflict occurs, SERENITY can mediate in the transaction.

For the decision to be transparent and legitimate, SERENITY records digital signatures of broker-trader interactions in blockchain. The technology reduces commonly associated financial risks for traders in any part of the world.

What is more? Crypto traders can invest in classic assets while keeping their accounts in nominated cryptocurrency and receiving profit in cryptocurrency.

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