Platform for Visual Content Monetization


ICO Time:
31.05.2018 - 21.06.2018
Soft Cap:
10000 ETH
Hard Cap:
55000 ETH
Social networks:


Vadim Onishchenko
- CEO & Founder
Evgenyj Zarechnyj
Vladi Krakovetskyi
- Business Development
Rami Khodorovsky
- Project Manager
Victor Laushtan
Anastasiya Shteppa
- Senior Product Designer
Yana Mizernyuk
- Head of Marketing
Vladislav Nikitenkov
- Chief Marketing Officer
Ira Yetskalo
- Business Development Officer
Kate Dubov
- Communication Manager
Sergey Kuznetsov
- WEB Developer
Sandra Mikheeva
- Account Manager


Motti Peer
- Advisor
Nazar Polyvka
- Advisor
Roman Kravchenko
- Advisor


Marketplace for Products and Services
SELFLLERY users get access to the SELFLLERY marketplace where they can purchase related products (cosmetics, selfie sticks, smartphones, etc.) and services (cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, photo prints etc.) with YOU tokens or other cryptocurrency. Suppliers are required to complete authorization process. Supplier catalog will show their ratings, escrow and reviews.

SELFLLERY regularly creates photo quests - single- and multiplayer games for photographers. In a photoquest, users are tasked with making photos of certain objects, animals or scenes within a limited period of time. Photoquest may include several tasks with different levels of complexity. After completing all the tasks, the player can receive a prize in YOU tokens. In a multiplayer photoquest, several players can participate simultaneously .

Photo Contests
SELFLLERY provides advertisers with a marketing tool set that includes games and contests. The brand or company owner can launch a photo contest between users and specify custom conditions that would attract attention to the brand. Blockchain provides transparency of the contest as advertisers will use smart contract to specify the contest terms and rewards distribution.

Participating in games and contests, users can get additional Likes, increase their photo ratings and receive rewards in YOU tokens. The reward amount is calculated in the following way: the more participants enter the contest, the larger the prize pool.

Stock Photo
SELFLLERY provides a multipurpose stock photo to upload and sell digital photos. Payments in the stock gallery are made with YOU tokens. All stock gallery users are required to complete verification.

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