"NPER" is a project to solve the problem and stereotypes in Intellectual property industry. It will protect the right of the creators, and provide a new business model to investors in general.


ICO Time:
11.01.2018 - 18.01.2018
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Daniel Nam
- CEO, Co-founder
Mike Lee
- CTO & Software Engineer
Johnny Lee
- CMO, Co-founder
Ryan Kim
- COO, Co-founder
Jason Lee
- Software engineer
Alex Park Block
- Chain Core Developer
Henry Kang
- Full-stack Developer
Hanna Kang
- Creative Director


Sungchun Lim
- Intellectual Property M&A Specialist
David Mercurio
- BASEL Project Former European Central Bank
Wonhee Cho
- Lawyer & Patent Attorney
Eunjin Lee
- Lawyer
Jinwoo Ro
- UX/UI Designer
Kyle Donnelly
- Software Engineer


Digitalized information processing tehcnolgy has developed repeatedly over times. The rapid development of IT technology has transformed our lifestyle more rapidly, and many of the existing businesses are facing a problem of survival consequently. The nancial sector threatened by Fin-Tech is a representative example. The nancial sector has already built a convenient computational mechanism that did not make any big progress on great changes over the past few years. such mechanism which was established in the 20th century seems almost the same as the mechanism in the 21st century. As a result, such a slow transfer system, it excessive fees could be typical problems that have been left for many years. Fin-tech companies have emerged to solve this problem, and are making existing nancial industry be placed at the crossroads of survival. Despite the tremendous developing pace of technology, there exists some industries that do not follow the pace of technology for several reasons.

In addition to the financial industry, the intellectual property (IP) industry is another example. Especially in the IP industry, the copyright market is growing every year, but the creators are not getting the right properly. While IP industry can create dozens of values, there are no certain business model yet in the eld due to the monopolistic industrial structure and its stereotypes.

The NPER project approaches the existing IP industry, reclaims the legitimate rights of creators, and presents a new 'Intellectual Property Investment Business Model' in which everyone can invest in the IP market.

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