In the consumer sector this technology is actively used to charge smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and other electronics. Node aims to develop a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, automotive, medical and many other industries.


ICO Time:
15.02.2018 - 15.04.2018
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Pavel Zelenin
- Founder
Daniil Morozov
- Co-Founder
Oleg Pensky
- Chief scientific officer
Dmitry Okulov
Irina Kotova
- Financial planning and accounting expert
Denis Konogorov
- Investments expert
Vadim Kotov
- Marketing expert
Ekaterina Naimushina
- Community Manager
Mikhail Pan
- Sales. Asian markets
Yulia Trubnikova
- Sales. European and US markets
Evgeny Petrikin
- Sales. East markets
Ibtihaj Abrar
- Product designer


George Mikaberydze
Elizaveta Tolstikova
George Erman
Sergey Lepeshkin


Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, that forms a new market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use.

Our innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and efficiency of use.

As the presence of wireless power transfer technology increases in consumer electronics, the industrial and medical industries are shifting focus towards this technology and its inherent advantages. As communication interfaces are becoming increasingly wireless with technologies like WLAN and Bluetooth, wireless power transfer has become a relevant option. Completely new approaches can be taken that not only offer obvious technical advantages, but also open up possibilities for new industrial design. This technology offers new concepts - especially in industrial sectors struggling with tough environmental conditions, aggressive cleaning agents, heavy soiling and high mechanical stresses (e.g. ATEX, medicine, construction machines). For instance, expensive and susceptible slip rings or contacts can be substituted. Another field of application is with transformers, which have to satisfy special requirements, such as reinforced or doubled insulation.

In 2017 the Node brand was created in order to implement the idea of the project, register the intellectual property rights, attract key specialists in the field of wireless energy transmission to take part in the development of the products. Today, it offers the market a number of technical solutions in the field of wireless energy transmission - from consumer electronics to industrial products.

The process of creating products using technologies from Node passed the stage from experimental studies to the creation and successful final testing of prototype devices.

The project's ITO (Initial Token Offering), presented by Node, is a fundraising operation aimed at the commercialization of technology and continuous production of devices.

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