New Era Energy

New Era Energy

New Era Energy

A new global and trusted standard for recording, measuring and trading your clean energy footprint.


ICO Time:
15.01.2018 - 26.02.2018
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Alex Pham
- Co-founder / Operation
Andy Tan
- Co-founder / Energy Markets
Leonard Ng
- Co-founder / Technology
Nguyen Tran
- Co-founder / Investment
Gary Bhatti
- Solution Architect
Arseniy Kucherenko
- Core Ethereum & Smart Contract Developer
Rakhee Pal
- Marketing
Charlene Bautista
- UI/UX Designer
Christopher Kou
- Emission Reduction Specialist
Daniel Shen
- Tokenomics
Loh Zheng Rong
- Blockchain Development Lead
Michael Luong
- Green Energy Specialist
Paul Anthony Zaman
- Investments
Matthias Gelber
- Green & Renewable Energy Specialist


Jack Ser
Kenneth Tan


New Era Energy solves the current problems of access to capital for renewable energy developers, provide access to investments in well-managed and profitable projects directly to consumers and retail investors, as well as to create a loop to encourage more renewable projects initiatives around the world. This is achieved using blockchain technology, where New Era Energy Platform application offers smart contracts to ensure digital transactions across solar assets, credibility of assets using immutable distributed ledger technology, with high level of transparency and auditability. Importantly, the platform supports reporting and surrendering of carbon emission data, certificates and data to regulatory authorities to make clean energy trading possible, safe and easy. By employing this solution, New Era Energy removes inefficiencies in the market and solves the industry long term problems – access to capital for clean energy projects, access to clean energy investments and trading and a reason to reduce your carbon footprint.

With New Era Energy platform, funded renewable energy developers are encouraged to contribute 3-5% of profit to support the NERA ecosystem. This will go into buying back of NERA Tokens to ensure liquidity and value for token holders, as well as to grow the demand for NERA Tokens. To make it global and transparent, a new global patent-pending standard to record carbon emission, waste-reduction etc will be recorded and tokenized in the blockchain and these data, coined as Emission Reduction Units (ERU), becomes a smart contract and the only commodity to trade for NERA Tokens. This ensures that “mining” for NERA Tokens are directed at promoting more renewable energy sources. ERUs will not just be obtainable by major renewable energy developers, but the everyday consumers, can participate by transforming your household roof top solar panels, electric vehicles, or any sources that helps to make the world a cleaner place. Everyone can do their part in promoting a cleaner and greener world.

Basing on the core principles of decarbonization, decentralization and digital, New Era Energy aims to become the next generation utility token which will be acceptable globally by merchants who are keen to do their part to support the clean energy movement.

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