Jubs (Honor)

Jubs (Honor)

Jubs (Honor)

Jubs is a decentralized network of services by smartcontracts where the HONOR token operates under contracts that offer customers and service providers insurance and guarantees, reward for quality services, act as a crypto-paynts HUB and as a core club tool of affiliates.


ICO Time:
15.01.2018 - 17.02.2018
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Gustavo Reis
- Founder and CEO of JUBS
Matheus Simas
- Co-Founder and JUBS CMO
Elton Carvalho
- Co-Founder and CTO of JUBS
Daniel Marques
- FULL-STACK Blockchain of JUBS
Ricardo Lima
- JUBS Commercial Head


Thiago Noronha
- Juridical Advisor
Anderson Marques
- Financial Advisor & Tributary
Satoshi Sakuraba
- Technology & Research Advisor
Ewerton Ferreira
- Investor Relations Advisor


Recent research shows that the insufficiency generated jobs by the available labor force has contributed to the emergence of a worldwide trend among the new generation of young workers: self-education and self-employment.

Facing this brand new scenario, the service industry and third party tasks on-demand have gravely suffered from cultural problems such as insecurity, poor qualification and dishonesty on the professionals’ part and clients in underdeveloped countries.

The new blockchain technology allied to the marketplace of contracting services and JUBS tasks proved to be an ideal solution. Using award-winning algorithms, decentralized ethereum-based smart contracts, we can easily store immutable and transparent event logs, enable instantaneous conflict resolution, secure payments, and more.

JUBS seeks to insert in the latin market the HONOR cryptocurrency built on intelligent contracts with the mission to make flowing, and secure the daily experience in hiring services and third party tasks, favoring a new culture of remuneration on demand based on skills, performance and professional’s reputation.

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