Iryo is the world’s first participatory, blockchain driven healthcare economy built on decentralising access to medical records


ICO Time:
28.03.2018 - 13.04.2018
Soft Cap:
8000000 IRYO
Hard Cap:
26000000 IRYO
China, South Korea, USA USA, China, South Korea
Social networks:


Vasja Bočko
Dominik Žnidar
Peter Kuralt
- Head of Strategic Development
Tjaša Zajc
- Business development & Communications
Luka Perčič
- Lead Blockchain Researcher
Črt Vavroš
- Blockchain Developer & Security Advisor
Nejc Škerjanc
- Blockchain Developer
Domen Savič
Andrej Mihelic
- UX & UI Designer
Alberto Malave
- Project Manager


Andraž Logar
- CEO of 3fs
Maja Zadel PhD
- Former CEO of the National Primary Care Center in Ljubljana
Brian de Francesca
- CEO of Ver2
Mate Beštek
- Former State Secretary of the Slovenian Ministry of Health
Lea Dias
- Strategy Consultant for Healthcare ICT & Automation
Homero Rivas MD
- Director of Innovative Surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine
Moka Lantum MD
- Medical Entrepreneur
Tomaž Štolfa
- Tech Entrepreneur


The Iryo Network is a global repository of openEHR data. Since few people are prepared to provide their medical data to a “GoogleEHR”-type of capture and shameless reaping of all the medical data for commercial purposes, Iryo has decided to give up it’s access to plain data. Iryo perceives the medical data it holds as a “toxic asset”, because we believe that holding too much data in one place presents too large a liability risk.

The solution to managing this risk is zero-knowledge data storage which is resistant to all attacks, including state-actors or “inside jobs’’. This works by way of users encrypting their data on their mobile device(s) with a public key.

A private decryption key remains on the patient’s device. Whenever someone wants to access patient data (a doctor or researcher, for example) the patient has to approve their access. This will be done by the patient clicking “yes’’ in their IryoEHR app. This gives a re-encryption key to the doctor’s public key. You can read more under the “Private key management section” to understand the details of this process and the application to the edge cases.

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