Modern financial platform, designed to meet a demand of blockchain projects, offline and online companies, and individuals. Inspeer provides high-quality scoring based on AI and machine learning, ensures getting data from Credit Bureau,


ICO Time:
11.12.2017 - 05.02.2018
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Denis Kabanets
- CEO, Founder
Nikolay Otvechalin
Denis Ryabikin
Marina Dymova
- Public Relations
Dmitry Chirkin
Daria Patrikeeva
- COO. Head of


Alexander Rugaev
George Basiladze
- Financial System. Co-founder Cryptopay Ltd
Jevgenia Kask-Savchenko
- CEO WinWin Solutions, Estonia
Valentin Savchenko
- CMO WinWin Solutions, Estonia
Kuzmina Maria
- Project Manager, Ambisafe
Andrii Zamovsky
- CEO, Ambisafe
Alexander Uglov
Alexander Shalash
- Chairman of the Board, Founder at Idea Fabrik Plc


Inspeer is a modern financial platform, designed to meet a demand of the fast growing cluster of blockchain projects, alongside with traditional online and offline companies and individuals. Currently Inspeer successfully operates in Russia under a brand. LightFin provides customers with short-term online loans. We were the first company on this market who managed to reduce loan approval time to 1,5 minutes.

Combining our expertise with our partners’ products, we have built loan pipelines and developed scoring algorithms. InsCore system allowed us to effectively execute borrower’s assessment, based on more than 20 000 predictors. Using OLAF algorithms, we can identify fraudsters on the early stage, even before loan application is sent. Thereby, Inspeer significantly reduced final scoring costs and risks of non-repayment.

As a next step, Inspeer is going to build a P2P lending platform to support direct P2P and P2B lending without intermediaries. For the benefit of our customers, Inspeer will provide high-quality scoring, ensure getting the data from Credit Bureau, and control AML/CFT. We are building a platform for the safe, transparent and reliable peer-to- peer lending, based on our scoring and business expertise.
Our platform is going to be one of the first P2P lending service which allows lending and borrowing in cryptocurrency alongside with fiat. New financial products and services (for instance, virtual and plastic cards) will be added as well. In the long run, our ultimate goal is to create a large financial institution, which can address the modern financial needs of businesses and individuals.

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