Gimmer offers easy-to-use advanced algorithmic trading bots that require no programming skills, no previous trading experience and no in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies.


ICO Time:
17.01.2018 - 31.01.2018
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Pérsio Flexa
Philipe Comini
Paul Lindsell
Lucas Assis
- Full stack Developer
William Xavier
- Full stack Developer
Michel Comini
- Marketing Director
JG Mascarin
- Customer Researcher
Benjamin Vitáris
- Journalist
JR Mascarin
- Commercial Director
Masaichi Hasegawa
- Commercial Director Japan
Beatriz Marques
- Community Manager


Jitendra Chittoda
- Smart Contract Security
Alexander Kravets
- Founder of XTRADE.IO
Eleanor Barlow
- Fintech, Business Strategy and Operational innovation
Lex Sokolin
- Fintech, Futurism and Autonomous research
Harsh Jani
- Blockchain Growth Hacking and ICO Marketing
Marcus Killick
- DLT Regulations and Legal Adviser
Aman Sanduja
- Crypto Trader and Blockchain speaker


Gimmer is the creation of both intrigue and frustration. It started when two friends – both blockchain enthusiasts – decided to look into cryptocurrency trading. However, the further they looked, the more confusing it became. The barriers to entry were huge and the learning curve was even bigger. With backgrounds in User Experience Design and Full Stack Development, they had the vision to make an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that anyone could use.

This paper discusses the current status and future plans of the Gimmer platform. It aims to demonstrate how we are using our teams’ expertise to make cryptocurrency trading easy and accessible for everyone.

To date, Gimmer (currently in working beta version) has been self-funded by our dedicated team, we’ve built Gimmer outside of our day jobs.

As individuals, we’re masters of our trades and crafts. Collectively, we are passionate and excited – not only about making Gimmer a success – but also achieving success in the world of cryptography, blockchain technologies and how the world is rapidly changing with regards to digital currencies.

With the funds raised from the Gimmer token sale, we’ll be able to expedite the development and launch of Gimmer in 2018. We’ll be able to fund and grow our global team of experts so that they can focus purely on Gimmer. They will be able to collectively work 24/7 delivering the list of great features, enhancements and functionalities outlined in our road map. Gimmer has a rapidly growing network of collaborators eager to contribute and be part of the chain.

Getting this far has been an amazing journey and reaching the Token Sale is a big milestone for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Gimmer’s passionate and devoted team, our families for their continued support and understanding, and our advisers for their help and guidance. Together, we’re going to make remarkable things.

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