FUSION is a crypto finance platform that integrates the values of multiple blockchains/tokens onto a single system through the management and control of multiple token private keys, and the creation of an interface for centralized organizations and off-chain data sources.


ICO Time:
01.02.2018 - 10.02.2018
Hard Cap:
51000 ETH
126874 ETH
Social networks:


Dejun Qian
- Visionary & Principal
David Perez
- Foundation Strategy
Jiangang Wu
- Foundation Development
Guochang Xu
- Technology Director
Xi Luo
- Foundation Operation
Noam Cohen
- Foundation Communication
Bin Jiang
- Core Developer
Elie Galam
- Research Fellow
Zhaojun He
- Research Fellow
Douglas Wang
- Foundation Community, North America


Tal Cohen
- CEO of Compass Blockchain. CEO & Co-founder, Sirin Labs. Associate, McKinsey & Co. Industry manager, Google. LLB of law, Hebrew University.
Pierre Maarek
- Head of Equity Derivatives Sales Trading, Exane Inc. Risk management IR derivatives analyst. Master of finance, Tilburg University.
Zhihao Hu
- Ph.d. Professor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institue of finance and Banking. Deputy Director General of National Institution for Finance & Development.
Lei Xiao
- Economic columnist; Senior observer of blockchain industry. Angel investor.
Jiahao Dai
- Senior vice president, Youzu Mobdata. Senior vice president, Media, SMG·Bachelor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Sheng Xie
- CEO of APS (Shanghai) Asset Management Inc. General manager for Asian Market, TD Asset Management Inc. MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University.
Wei Zhang
- Managing partner, Alpview Capital. Senior project manager, Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. Master, New York University.
Richard Tian
- Managing partner, NewMargin Ventures. Founder, Blue Dot Media. MBA, East China Normal University.


Blockchain technology no doubt has been surging. By a mechanism of “trust ma- chine”, it provides mankind a brand new and e cient cooperation device. Blockchain’s application in the nancial sector has brought about the most concern and the greatest expectation. At present, all kinds of tokens have completed some basic functions of value transferring and value distributing, but it is still far from the fully functional nancial services that the real world needs, which is exactly why regarding blockchain applications in the nancial sector all we hear is thunder, yet no rain falls. To bring about the era of the Internet of Values as soon as possi- ble, people need a new generation of nancial infrastructure based on blockchain technology which has complete nancial functionality, can link di erent commu- nities and tokens, and can bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized organizations.

At the advent of the Internet of Information, what we did was not to transform the “postal system”, but to create a brand new “Email system”. Likewise, when the Internet of Values approaches, we hope to create a new system: a value transfer infrastructure based on tokens. It will convert value across time and across space and can ful ll almost all the functions of traditional nance in a distributed way much more e ciently and much less expensively. It can even achieve many un- precedented nancial functions that are unimaginable in scenarios of centralized organizations. It will fuse fragmented pieces of cryptocurrencies and endow them with complete nancial functions. It will bring the world’s nance into a new era, which we call the era of crypto nance.

We have prepared FUSION for the crypto nancial era! FUSION will connect various values by establishing a layer of control management on top of various tokens through a distributed management of the tokens’ private keys and by providing ports both for central organizations and for external datasources and in this way solve the key problem of insu ciency in interoperability of the current Internet of Values.

FUSION is inclusive. It integrates the cryptocurrencies that exist today and that will exit in the future connecting centralized and decentralized organizations, accommodating authentication mechanisms and anonymous trading mechanisms and introducing on-chain data and o -chain data. FUSION is restructuring.

It rede nes the way in which value is transferred and the relationship between participants, and it transforms values in time and in space in a way re ecting the essence of nance, and implements nancial functions in a unique way that will cause some of the existing nancial products to disappear. FUSION is highly scalable. In the form of a virtual machine, it Turing-completely provides the in nite reverie space for crypto nance across di erent tokens in the future, creating possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

This whitepaper will propose the prospect of crypto nance based on the analysis of the background of the Internet of Values, and then put forward the overall design, key technologies and development plan of the FUSION project.

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