FLUX Token Sale

FLUX Token Sale

FLUX Token Sale

FLUX — unique global gaming platform that unites all parts of gaming industry ecosystem where players, developers, traders, and the gaming community can transform their time and needs into money using special gaming FLUX COIN.


ICO Time:
17.04.2018 - 31.05.2018
Soft Cap:
1500000 USD
Hard Cap:
20000000 USD
Social networks:


Alexandr Sushko
- CEO, co-founder
Dmitry Lut
Andrian Chestnykh
- Blockchain architect
Dmitry Sigov
- Business developer, co-founder
Jan Keil
Eugene Shabalkin
- Product manager
Elena Sikan
Bogdan Tanygin
- PH. D., Business analyst
Dmitry Dimenko
- Brand manager
Mary Prohorova
- PR and community
Grigoriy Grudiy
- Project manager


Nazar Polyvka
- Legal Consultant
Dmitry Lekhno
- Game developer
Jacob Brubaker
- Consultant
Alexander Lysikov
- Project manager
Olexii Matiiasevych
- Smart contracts enginner
Nathan Christian
- Blockchain Technology Consultant
Alex Bolbirer
- Business development
Piotr Orlinski
- Business development
Vasily Sumanov
- ICO advisor, Economy researcher


Advantages for the player: An ability to earn real money, using gaming skills; mobile game support; wide range of games; user-friendly interface;  achievements and daily tasks, an additional income; regular and custom tournaments; ability to develop your account; great community; knowledge that every transaction is safe due to the decentralized system; data privacy for all users; free plays after viewing an advertising video. FLUX will be available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Windows Phone, iOS, Android platforms. Top online games are supported for PC and Mobile, as well as uploaded into FLUX Market games. FLUX already connected PC game CS:GO and Bang game for mobile devices.

Advantages for developers: Easy registration process for opening accounts; quick verification of games; revenue from each game session; 0% commission for each game transaction for competitive games; 2% commission for each game transaction for non-competitive games; continuous support from the FLUX team; rapid audience growth due to tournaments organized by the FLUX team.

Advantages for traders: possibility to buy skins using tokens; possibility to trade skins using tokens; possibility to create skin in Steam workshop and by using a FLUX audience vote for accepting a certain skin. In case of acceptance, 20% of sales spit between voters, 60% go to skin author, 20% go to FLUX.

Advantages for streamers: 3.000 viewers on stream playing FLUX = 10FC bounty reward for a streamer; donations in FLUX COINS are available; Twitch nickname contains FLUX name lowers player’s rake fee for 1% and unlocks participation in weekly “FLUX angels” tournament with guaranteed prize pool.

  • PreICO closed with 2.4 millions collected
  • MVP reached 9000 users with 20000+ games played
  • Alpha release - April,3 2018

56 Our rating
79 Team & AB
65 PD & MR
50 Idea
87 Marketing
0 IS
0.95 PFI

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