Fanfare is purpose-built from ground up to enable Social Commerce. Its building blocks are conceived and created specifically with Social Commerce and Shoppable Videos in mind from the start


ICO Time:
17.08.2018 - 17.09.2018
Soft Cap:
4000000 USD
Hard Cap:
40000000 USD
China, USA
Social networks:


Vincent Lim
- Co-Founder & CEO
Michael (Chee Keong) Chua
- Co-Founder & CMO
Benny Phang
- Co-Founder & CSO
Gerald Tan
- Co-Founder & CIO
Kenneth Ng
- Co-Founder & CTO
Shaun Ang
- Head of UI/UX
Dong Le
- Senior Engineer


Wulf Kaal
Ralph Liu
Gabriel Morey
Ben Tuff
Lee Young Mo
Brett Johnson
Kenneth Oh
David Drake
Alex Qian


The e-Commerce marketplace has progressed rapidly in the last three  ecades due to technological advances, while the proliferation of smart phones and affordable data have transformed the Social Media landscape.

This gives rise to a new way of online shopping – Social Commerce, where social media will eventually be integrated with e-Commerce.

The global Social Commerce market is projected to reach US$165.59 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of around 34%.

However, brands and brand owners are not empowered or equipped to effectively monetize or tap on the enormous amount of user-generated content, while at the same time, many users and content creators are inadequately rewarded for their efforts.

This fragmented brand-consumer relationship and the lack of a closed-loop interconnectivity between content creators, brands and users have resulted in a Social Commerce environment that is unable to realize its full potential.

The Fanfare ecosystem aims to resolve this problem. Using the ERC-20 Fanfare Token (FAN Token), we are building a Social Commerce ecosystem where content creators, consumers and brands can connect intimately via the exchange of value through FAN Tokens.

The FAN Tokens would be used by the brands as a reward mechanism for content creators by converting their user-generated videos into shoppable videos. This allows every user-generated video to have the potential of becoming a point-of-sale for brands, thus making the entire social platform a marketplace for products.

Users would also be incentivized for time spent on watching videos created by their friends or other consumers. Users can, in turn, use the FAN Tokens they have received as rewards to purchase products from the Fanfare eStore.

Consumers who purchase products from the Fanfare eStore could further benefit from attractive discounts or additional rewards.

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0.85 PFI

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