The EBCOIN Project presents a new direction for the tax-refund service, which operates in 34 countries to increase tourism spending.


ICO Time:
09.01.2018 - 30.01.2018
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Jason J. Kim
Dustin H. Kim
Peter King
Bruce W. Yang
- Project Manager
Leo K. Nam
- Product Manager
Chloe C. Byeon
- UI/UX Manager
Iris S. Jo
- Marketing Manager
Gerrard Y. Yang
- Marketing Manager
Vicky C. Li
- Marketing Manager


J. Michael Bradley
- Chief Commercial Officer, Omise
Mike Templeman
- CEO of Foxtail Marketing in U.S.


We have devised a cryptocurrency that will replace the demand for the local currency used by global travelers.

Global travelers are dramatically increasing year by year, and the biggest contributor is Chinese amongst of them.

It is well known that most Chinese tourists travel as group tours and they spend a lot of money on shopping during the trip.
The top ten countries visited by Chinese travelers are all in Asia.

First of all, we plan to set up ATMs for currency exchange at each airport in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Afterwards, we will provide payment and tax refund services to numerous number of shopping centers, duty free shops and department stores.

Travelers will benefit from our cryptocurrency at merchants, travel agencies, airlines, airports and duty-free shops under the supervision of KRP and GCMC. To use the cryptocurrency, they will install our EBC wallet on their mobile phone.

Travelers receive drawback in EBCoin using our EBC Wallet and they receive shipping document confirmation at an ATM in airports. At an ATM, the rest of money is exchanged in EBCoin.

EBCoin stored in the EBC Wallet can be exchanged in the EBC exchange at anytime, anywhere and around departure.

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