Decentralized News Network

Decentralized News Network

Decentralized News Network

The Decentralized News Network is incentivizing truth in journalism & political news.


ICO Time:
02.02.2018 - 09.03.2018
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Samit Singh
- Co-Founder & CEO Product & Design
Dondrey Taylor
- Co-Founder & CTO Tech & Development
Mališa Pušonja
- Project Manager R&D engineer @ Devana Labs
Andrej Cvoro
- Solidity Developer Software developer @ Devana Labs
Uros Radovanovic
- Solidity Developer Software developer @ Devana Labs


Justin Festa
- Chief Digital Officer @ LittleThings
Matt Chwierut
- Research Director @ Smith + Crown
Rebecca Rachmany
- CEO @ Gangly Sister LLC
Pietro Speroni di Fenizio
- Mathematician & Researcher
Dario D'Aprile
- Founder @ Human and Machine
Richard Mills
- Social Scientist @ University of Cambridge


A decentralized news network backed by incentives for individuals to create, review, and consume news. The primary innovation of blockchains is a verifiable and cryptographically secured global ledger that can lead to new types of incentive structures. Developers can take advantage of the Ethereum blockchain to build applications that are not only architecturally and politically decentralized, but are underpinned by tokens of value. We propose a network in which writers produce news content that is reviewed by fact-checkers before being published on the network without the risk of being taken down. All parties involved in publishing a factual article will be rewarded with tokens in a self-sustaining environment that thrives on tangible activity and accuracy of content rather than on advertising revenue and corporate interests.

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