Daneel is your future partner: he will help you daily to process all information related to cryptocurrencies. Daneel will answer your questions, advise you in your investments, and push you notification when an important event happens.


ICO Time:
29.01.2018 - 26.02.2018
Social networks:


Joseph Bedminster
- CEO - Founder
Florian Munoz
- COO - Digital strategy
Samir Rinaz
- Strategy advisor
Selim Rinaz
Alexandre Lacour
- Technical advisor
Esteban Gonzalez
- Developer - Ethereum
Guillaume Guerin
- Developer - Mobile app
Marion Boutros
- UX/UI manager




What is Daneel? Unlike the actual assistants (or “chatbots”) currently available on the market, which are prone to having significant functional and technological limits, Daneel is an intelligent personal assistant based on “Watson”, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence in the fields of Natural Language and Data and Emotional Analysis. Who are our partners? In order to accelerate our development and carry out our project, we have already established an international partnership agreement with IBM. Thanks to this partnership, we now have access to unrivalled expertise in Artificial Intelligence, as well as to resources that allow us to sustainably support our project. We are also in discussion with Microsoft to integrate its support program dedicated to innovative companies. Finally, we are also partners with one of the largest ecosystems of actors in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency sector: CryptoValley and Bitcoin Association of Switzerland. How can users subscribe to and use Daneel? The Daneel service will be accessible via a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. Only DAN tokens will allow the user to subscribe and benefit from all of Daneel’s features. These DAN tokens will be able to be acquired through: 

  • Investing in the Initial Coin Offering operation coming soon
  • Buying tokens on trading platforms on which DAN will be included.

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