CrowdCoinage OS allows startups, software developers, real estate investors, etc. to launch & manage crowdfunding and ICO campaigns by selling dividends.


ICO Time:
15.01.2018 - 21.01.2018
Social networks:


Peep Paum
- Co-Founder & CEO
Tauno Poks
- Co-Founder & CTO
Sven Kauber
- Co-Founder & senior backend/blockchain developer
Silver Liiv
- Co-Founder & frontend developer
Marina Baslina
Vinshu Gupta
- Blockchain Expert
Oleksandr Sovenko
- Senior backend/Solidity developer
Riho Muuga
- Designer
Arlis Kopli
- Frontend developer
Mattias Kurvits
- Backend developer


Christopher Matthew Spencer
Edvin Parisalu
Kaupo Lepasepp
Peeter Kruusvall


The OS makes it simple for founders to handle all that is needed for a successful ICO. There will be visibility in listings, the ability to be found with certain tags or via search, detailed views with texts, founders’ images and videos. Diagrams and graphics may be inserted among texts. They may even use the marketplace or the job board functionalities integrated into the OS to find new talents from all over the world or buy-in specific knowledge they do not possess by themselves. The marketplace would even more valuable after their ICO, because then they would be able to afford to hire more professionals to their team. With the help of the methods provided by the OS and blockchain, founders will be able to launch their ICOs, pre-ICOs, and other crowdfunding campaigns. The OS will provide the founders with many of the services and tools essential to successful launch of these types campaigns while ensuring security and credibility by the use of blockchain technologies. They will have automated tools to generate smart contracts and generate their own coins to help in raising funds.

As the OS will allow integrations with two major exchanges and even more integrations later on, it will save the founders valuable resources that can be used more effectively for example to further develop their projects. They do not need to be hindered with difficulties and the large amount of technical details.

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