ClearCoin is a company that powers the real-time buying and selling of advertising on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment.


ICO Time:
18.11.2017 - 31.03.2018
Soft Cap:
1000000 USD
Hard Cap:
40000000 USD
Social networks:


Jay Singh
- Founder & CEO
Elliot Soren
Yura Monchak
- Chief Architect
Simon Lim
- Community Manager


Danilo Vujicic
David Garrity
Marcos Rocha
Sebastian Mychel Cruze
Tammy Leigh Kahn


ClearCoin's global advertising exchange technology built on top of blockchain is a bold solution to the aforementioned problems. The global advertising exchange connects advertisers and publishers and tracks all transactions in a proof-of-history ledger. The proof-of-history ledger is built on blockchain and helps combat ad fraud and inaccuracies.

The ClearCoin token is used to transact on the platform and can be used to support other members of the ecosystem like advertisers and publishers. The token is built on Ethereum blockchain while ClearCoin's advertising exchange blockchain is independent. The ClearCoin ad platform accepts CLR tokens as a form of payment.

The ClearCoin global advertising exchange will serve up key ad formats like Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Social, Audio, Television, Content, and Search. The technology will support other companies in the ecosystem such as Marketers, Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks, Publishers, Publisher Networks, Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Data Providers.

33 Our rating
50 Team & AB
27 PD & MR
50 Idea
80 Marketing
0 IS
0.86 PFI

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